Activity 6 - What Can I Do?

Now, let's take a few minutes to think about ways we can "make good" on our pledge. What ideas do you have for making your home, workplace or community more respectful and inclusive of older adults?

Use this space to write out some of your ideas. We also invite you to download the attached worksheet to write down one or more goals for yourself or your organization, that will help make our community more respectful and inclusive of older adults.

The purpose of these last two activities was to help you turn what you learned or discovered about yourself in this workshop into real action for change. We are not going to break down stereotypes or address ageism overnight, but if each of us does a little we can help make Edmonoton an age-friendly city where people of all ages are able to flourish.

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Age Friendly Edmonton Respect and Inclusion Workshop Pledge Goals Worksheet.