Scenario 5 - Restaurant

“My friends and I went to a popular restaurant to celebrate a retirement. This was one of those places with an open, attached lounge where young people often come after work. We asked for a table for six. The hostess checked her available tables and then said the only table for six was next to the lounge. Would we like to wait for a ‘better’ table? What’s a ‘better’ table? I asked. One where you’ll be able to hear the waitress, she said. One of my friends, at the back of the group said loudly, ‘Eh? What did she say?’ We killed ourselves laughing.”

Possible ageist attitude or behaviour:

  • Assumes all older adults have hearing problems

Summary of Activity 4

The purpose of this activity was to test our ability to spot ageism when it occurs and to think about ways we can change our own thinking and behaviour and that of people around us.

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