Scenario 4 - Vaccuum

“My mother is widowed and lives by herself in a rural community. One day a vacuum salesman came to her door. She had talked about getting a new vacuum, so she saw this as an opportunity to ‘not bother the kids’ and just go ahead and buy one. She got talked into buying a $3000 vacuum. After the salesman left, she knew she did something wrong but was so embarrassed she never told anyone about it for a month. We helped her get her money back but I gave her three rules: 1) anything over $100, ask us; 2) don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know; and 3) if you need anything, ask us.”

Possible ageist attitude or behaviour:

  • Older adults are easy prey for conmen.
  • Older adults are naïve and too trusting.
  • Older adults cannot be trusted to make good decisions.

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