Scenario 1 - San Francisco

“A few years ago, just after my wife and I both turned 65, we decided to take a trip to San Francisco. We like to travel to new and different places, and San Francisco was always on our bucket list. Of course, on our first venture out into the streets, we just had to ride the cable cars. We were impressed at the politeness of the young San Franciscans, who were so eager to give up their seats for us. What a nice way to treat tourists. And then we saw the sign! These seats must be made available for elderly and handicapped passengers. These polite young hill dwellers were merely obeying a local bylaw.”

(With thanks to Mick Rempel. For more of Mick’s Musings, see and click on “Words and Thoughts”)

Possible ageist attitue or behaviour:

  • Anyone over 65 is frail or physically challenged.
  • It is okay to single out older adults out for special treatment, even if they don’t want or need it.

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